Animas Valley Anglers
Guided float or wade fly fishing trips for trophy trout (plus nice regular sized trout) on the San Juan River Quality Waters in northern New Mexico as well as the Animas River near Durango Colorado in southwest Colorado. Animas Valley Anglers offers year-round professionally guided fly fishing trips on all the great waters of the Southwest. This includes the famous San Juan below Navajo Dam, Animas, Rio Grande, Dolores, upper San Juan, Pine, Piedra, Florida, mountain creeks, private waters and regional lakes. Beginner to expert anglers welcome.

The rivers, streams and creeks in southwest Colorado along with the San Juan below Navajo Dam offer fantastic summer fishing. It has been a big fish year so far and we expect more of the same. Float and wade options are opening up as the weather warms and flows increase. Exciting time of year. Drop us a line for info and to lock down a couple days on our premiere waters. Let us help you plan your Colorado or San Juan Quality Waters dream trip today!


Summer is here! With above average temps most rivers here in the Southwest have already peaked. May 12th was the day. Longterm forcast is not great on most rivers. The San Juan below Navajo is the exception due to required flows down stream. The Rio, Animas and upper San Juan will drop to low flows in mid June. Dolores below McPhee never spilled. We might be limited on some float trips as mid June and July approaches, but the wade fishing is going to fantastic!


If you have not meet Derek Ems yet you need to. He is quickly becoming one of the top guides in the Southwest. He is humble, patient, fun, knowledgable and "fishy" as heck. Guests just rave about him. He just completed his Coast Guard license and will be offering trips for the giant pike, bass and trout that patrol our local reservoirs. Click his photo for bio (will be posted soon).


Bailey Conaty brings so much awesomeness to AVA. This will be her 3rd season with AVA. From running the AVA ladies clinics to float and wade trips she brings a lot to a guide trip. Patience and fish smarts makes her one of the best guides in the region. If your wife or girlfriend is looking for coaching by a lady Bailey is the one for you.
Click her photo for bio (will be posted soon).


April 28th 2018. The San Juan and Animas are two of the best spring fisheries in the West. The Animas has bumped in flow due to warm temps and melting snow .It is pretty stained. Streamer junkies will jump the odd fish here and there. The Juan below Navajo Reservoir has been a lot fun with trout focused on midges, BWO's, leeches and junk patterns. Like most times of the year you gotta nymph, but depending on the day you can find fish on dries. The San Juan flow is 750cfs. Pretty much perfect! The Pine flows have bumped and will be around 200 cfs for a few days and then will bump again. May flows will be around 550 cfs to 750 cfs. Regional lakes are fishing well for bass, pike, crappie and trout. Our newest lake, Lake Night Horse has been a lot of fun. The Rio flows have bumped and OK fishing with streamers and big nymphs. Happy spring friends!