We know every rock, run and trout in the Animas River. The Gold Medal section, Durango's Quality Water section flows just south of Durango and covers about 4 1/2 river miles. Durango town water also fishes very well, offering an additional 2 1/2 miles of easily accessible river.

Pockets, pools and riffles make up the character of these sections. A city-built walking trail parallels most of this section making for easy access. This section does not have the solitude of our float or private land trips that are further south of Durango, however, it has wonderful water, insect hatches and plenty of fish. The Animas is more technical than people give it credit for. This river continues to frustrate many anglers and guides alike. We like that fact, because we know it like no other.

Season: year-round

Animas Private
We have a couple sections of private water that we guide. Our premier fishery is the Isgar Ranch. It is located between the Quality Water section and Southern Ute waters about 7 river miles from Durango.

This section has a number of deep pools that hold a large population of fish year-round. Pockets and riffs connect the pools and each is full of fat trout. Some of the largest fish we've seen in the Animas live in this stretch. The average fish is 16 inches with a lot of 18 to 20 inch fish hooked on each trip.

We also use the ranch for put-ins and take-outs, as well as a lunch stop for longer float trips that originate in Durango. We often mix in some wade fishing here on our full day float trips.

Season: year-round

San Juan QW
We offer year-round guided wade trips on the San Juan below Navajo Dam. Great wade fishing is available in the "wade only", Quality Waters and mid river sections.
As most anglers know, the San Juan River is world famous for large well educated trout and prolific hatches of tiny aquatic insects. The entire San Juan Quality Waters are protected with a strict catch and release regulation.

The Quality Water and "wade only" section is home to large bows, cutbows and brown trout. This river is a wonderful river to wade due to several easy walk-in access points. The river is slick in some sections so studs and wading staffs are recommended but not crucial. We also offer float trips with plenty of opportunities to get out and wade prime waters.

Season: year-round

The Dolores flows out of McPhee reservoir into a quiet and remote valley that is lined by sandstone formations, scrub oak, tall cottonwoods and Ponderosa Pines. There are miles of fishable water in this spectacular valley as well as more water in the lower canyon. The first 12 miles are catch and release, fly and lure only. The river does not boast a lot of fish due to continued low flows but the surviving trout are large and they will challenge the skills of the best dry fly fisher.

The Dolores from McPhee Reservoir to Rico is a fairly diverse fishery. Near Rico it is small pocket waters; home to stunning brookies and bows. Riffles and short pools make up the mid and lower sections. Access is a mix of Division of Wildlife, Forest Service and private land.

Season: April through November

Above Vallecito Reservoir the Pine River is a mountain freestone with a wonderful tailwater flowing out below the lake.

Private Waters: This is a stunning section of river that is home to a large population of rainbows and browns. There are a few monsters that lurk in this section and be a challenge to land. Space is extremely limited for this trip, so drop us a line to reserve your day on the Pine. Rod Fee

Wilderness Waters: An easy, relatively flat three mile hike will put you on the wonderful waters of the upper Pine River. This larger mountain stream can be both technical and brain-less. The trout can be large, but most will range in the 8 to 13 inch range.

Season: Late March through late October

Wilderness Creeks & Streams
We offer guided hike/wade trips on numerous mountain creeks that flow through our majestic forests. These streams originate high In the San Juan mountains and flow down through spectacular wilderness country before spilling into the major rivers.
These creeks are the headwaters to our main rivers like the San Juan, Dolores and Animas. We guide a wide range of creeks; from slow meandering meadow streams to tumbling pocket water creeks with trout holding in every nook and cranny. Sight fishing with dry flies can be spectacular and 40 fish days are not uncommon.

Just a hint of our creeks: Upper Florida, Pine River, Hermosa Creek, Lime Creek, Cascade Creek, Rio Blanco, Mancos River and numerous other Animas tributaries.

Season: Late spring through late October

Headwaters 4 X 4 Trails and Trout
Just like our other creek trips, our headwater trips offer incredible scenery and lots of pretty trout. The high-altitude streams might only be 3 feet wide, but are home to stunning Colorado Cutthroat and brookies.

The headwater trips offer an angler, of any ability, a shot at lots of trout. The waters cascade through mind-bending mountain terrain before spilling out into narrow valley floors. The slow waters and beaver ponds make for great fishing. Be it the valleys or rugged canyon sections, our headwater trips are one of our most popular trips. Some streams flow near historical sites that were built in the 1800's and early 1900's adding to the western flavor of the trip.

Season: Early summer through mid October

Conejos River is a sweet mid-sized river with fantastic fishing opportunities. The Conejos offers stunning scenery and lots of pretty trout. The Conejos is off the beaten path with miles and miles of public and private water.

The Conejos has a rich biomass that keeps a diverse population of trout fat and happy. Hook into cutthroat trout, browns, brookies and rainbows. Each day gives you a chance at a grand slam!

This trip is a fantastic trip for new and experienced anglers alike. We have limited spots for the Conejos, please drop us a line if you are interested.

Season: Early summer through late October

Animas River via historic Silverton-Durango Train
If you are looking for an angling adventure with a unique twist then this is the trip for you. Step back in time and travel by way of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad into the rugged canyon of the Animas River.

The neon-green pools and pocket waters are home to eager trout looking to pounce on a fluffy dry fly or bead-head nymph. Brilliant brookies, rainbows, cutbows, cutthroats and brown trout all swim in the Animas River and the Animas tributaries.

Basically the only way into this area is by foot, horse, boat or train. This is a wonderful trip where the trout play second fiddle to the stunning scenery and western adventure.

Season: Mid July to early November